"To Maija Di Giorgio ( Amazon Prime,HBO, Hot 97) America is a big dysfunctional family with a middle child who is always getting pulled to one side or the other and is left riding on the middle hump in the backseat of the car. Well today that middle child has something to say! IncogNegro is a comedy tour de force.  The “too white to be black but too black to be white" Maija walks the color line straight down the middle...and is ready to share her own prescription for America's racial ailments. “So, people marched, were hosed and died and NOW I am supposed to say ‘I’m mixed,..I’m not BLACK black?’”

In Incognegro Maija shares her comedic views on race in and around life’s relationships. Maija deals with everything from passing to sexism to the black bourgeoisie and life as an immigrant. The battle lines are drawn and Maija walks the comedy tightropes  with the use of stand-up, music, and a plethora of diverse characters.
Incognegro is a comedic social commentary on how America‘s identity crisis keeps  f$&@ing up her life."